Meet Luca Masper - Bmac's Guru and visionary

14 July 2016


Could you explain some of the history behind your business? 

Bmac is a modern, UNI-ISO 9001 certified company - and the only certified Japanese artisan scissor manufacturers - able to guarantee high standards of production. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can personally guarantee the completion of the entire production process for every single model, from the very first stage of forging the steel, right through to completion of the scissors. The entire process is carried out within our plant, and with no external collaborators. This allows us to guarantee complete control over every single pair of scissors we produce and sell.

The company is based in Niigata, Japan and we are spurred on by the enthusiasm and energy of the young members of our design and research team, working alongside Japanese master craftsmen, handing down the time-honoured Japanese tradition of steel forging. This magical partnership is more than we could ever have wished for.


How can you tell a good quality pair of scissors?

The hairdressers scissors market is full of fake Japanese scissors: they have Japanese names, but they are actually made in Korea, China or Pakistan. For this reason it is important to recognize a true and authentic Japanese hand-made product. The experience, the know-how are very important in order to do it. The quality of the steel, the sophisticated and patented mechanisms and the attention to the details are quality indicators.


What’s the best way to look after your scissors?

Well, of course you should pay special attention not to drop the scissors because you might cause unexpected damages or break the blades. I would also recommend not to place or carry scissors on top of each other as it may cause damage to the blades or mechanisms – always keep them safe in a case. You should also make sure you clean your scissors with a microfiber cleaningcloth after each haircut - by all means, do not wash the scissors with water and do not store them in a humid place in order to avoid rust! Last but not least, do not forget to sharpen your scissors regularly (sharpening should usually be done every year)!

Top tip: Avoid placing too much pressure with your thumb on the thumb ring, because it might end up causing an unequal strength proportion on the blades, thus compromising the perfect cutting condition of the scissors  


Which pair would you recommend to beginners?

For beginners, we would recommend the Bmac 1 Series: it represents the excellence in the “entry level” scissors. 1 Series models are not expensive scissors, with a very good cutting performance totally in line with the Bmac brand name. A new mechanism, a meticulous attention to the eight contact points of the fulcrum and the accuracy of the handmade production make 1 Series scissors high-performing models at a very affordable price.


If you had to choose only one pair of Bmac scissors, which one would it be?

The Bmac collection is the best scissors collection you can find in the high-end hairdressers scissors market. The best international hairstylists are using the Bmac scissors with great satisfaction. Whether you are a beginner or an expert hairstylist, you will always find the right model for you. We have 5 different series; all sizes available from 5.00” to 7.00” and straight, ergonomic or semi-ergonomic handles studied and designed in order to obtain the best performance and comfort for the hairdressers all over the world.


In your opinion, why are Bmac probably the most beautiful hairdressers scissors you’ve ever seen?

Because they are entirely hand-made in Japan, in a place where we daily retrace the pure tradition of quality, handing down the time-honoured Japanese tradition of steel forging and caring about every single pair of scissors we produce.