'Not Just How To Cut Hair But Why' - An interview with Dove Palmer and JB Mazella

30 June 2016


How did you get started on this journey? You’ve created M&P 5 years ago, you’ve just launched your dry product range… what’s next?

Dove: I was very lucky to find a good friend like Jean-Baptiste, someone who had the same mind-set and strength of concept. One day we were sat in his front room and talking about our beliefs in hairdressing, we suddenly realised we walked the same path; this was the start of what we have today - “Mazella&Palmer”.

JB: We were both working together as creative directors for a company that is renowned for precision cutting. We became really close friend and one day as we were having a great evening - Karaoke with a few glasses of red wine - we started discussing the potential of opening our own company. A couple of weeks later (March 25th 2011) we created Mazella&Palmer. Five years later we have clients in 52 countries and we are still working really hard with our team to strive the Mazella&Palmer education system to perfect. We have a team of 6 now and will be growing considerably in the next year.

Dove: This naturally moved in to the need for high quality products that would help us and our students create quality haircuts and colours. Our next step is to slowly building a streamed line product range that makes it easy for the hairdresser to archive what they need within their salon world.  

JB: Oh yes there is always a next for M&P, and something big is coming! We’re currently looking into opening our first Salon and Academy in London late 2016 or early 2017. This will help us take our company to a whole new level! Our international students will soon be able to visit us in London to receive a full training and the most talented and passionate hairdressers will have the opportunity to join our growing team as well.


What’s the philosophy behind the M&P products? Why did you create your own range?

JB: We believe that our Universal system of education is right up there with the very best in our industry, so to go alongside the best education system you need the best tools to help you become… one of the bests! We believe that a good product should be the extension of human hand, so we spent months selecting the best tools before stamping our logo on them.

Dove: Exactly, our philosophy is “Practice Makes Perfect”; the perfect tool makes this journey easier. 


What’s the secret to a good haircut? 

JB: A good haircut is simply: a) A haircut that is suitable to the individual; b) A haircut that grows well and it is easy to manage.

Dove: To me it’s also about the understanding of Technique and Why & When to use it. The next stage is the correct tool to help you on that journey. 


Are some of the M&P tools essential to realise your perfect haircuts?

Dove: We think the correct tool is always important to achieve the best result, as we say to our students you wouldn’t bring a football to a cricket match. Haha

JB: “The robe does not make the monk”, but working with great tools will definitely help you on your path to become a great hairdresser. To do a good haircut for sure I believe that a great comb - for sectioning and working with the right tension - and a great, sharp scissor, essential to precision, are MUST haves.


What’s your favourite M&P scissor?

Dove: I personally like a simple scissor. Keeping this in mind I find the Mazella&Palmer Collection works perfectly for me. Beautiful, sleek and delicate to cut with. 

JB: I have always been a big fan of our contemporary scissor. It was the very first of our range and it’s now totally exclusive to M&P worldwide. Amazing news is that it comes in 3 sizes! I am currently using the 5’.


What's your absolute favourite M&P hairdressing tool?

Dove: I love the New M&P comb, which we designed ourselves. We took all our favourite elements from combs we have worked with over the years and created a comb that is pure in design, strong but flexible, perfect for sectioning and in my mind one of the best combs on the market. 

JB: This is a very hard question, but I will have to agree with Dove on this one. Designing the M&P comb was a long process, but we’re very proud of the final product! We also own the mould, which means that this comb is totally unique; you won’t find any comparable comb on the market. Can’t wait for you all to try it!